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How I'm Counting Down To Christmas // Lucyy Writes

Happy December! Firstly I can't believe we're in December - it feels like only yesterday that we were in summer. Suddenly we're decorating, spending too much money and overcome by festive foods. To start off December - my favourite time of year, if you haven't already caught on over the years I thought I'd share how I'm counting down to Christmas Day. This year I've gone a little Advent crazy by making use of some fabulous deals and using the excuse of having my first ever surgery for rewards. Oh Lucy...So here we go, here's how I'm counting down featuring beauty, lifestyle and of course the all important chocolate.
an image of my advent calendars for Christmas 2017
Ciate Mini Mani Month - £50 - NOW £39 HERE
This year beauty advent calendars kept catching my eye, but I always get put off by the prices. They're either very, expensive and full of filler products OR they're very cheap and not exactly something I'd want to open at the age of 23. However as an O2 customer I noticed that Ciate - a firm favourite of mine when it comes to nail polish and a beauty advent I eye up each year, had teamed together to other Priority App users 50% off this years Mini Mani Month. Having just been to my last check up after having minor day surgery - the check up really didn't go to plan either, I decided to treat myself to the Advent - especially at 50% off and my Mum urging me on to treat myself at last. I love the theme of the Calendar this year, not to mention how each item is individually boxed instead of a door, with 19 Mini Nail Paint Pots - 5 of which are NEW and EXCLUSIVE, 1 Full Size Paint Pot, 1 Mini Treatment, 1 Long-Wear Top Coat, 1 Magical Nail Topper and a Special Limited Edition Surprise. This morning I received Midnight in Paris - what a polish to start the month off. I featured this on my insta-stories and shared a full post on my Instagram feed. The deep blue polish, features blue and silver glitter flecks and is truly beautiful.  I'm not one to open all the doors before the month, with it being my first so alas this is why I didn't put a full review up. BUT I'm tempted to do roundup posts or at least keep sharing over on Instagram each day.
an image of Ciate Mini Mani Month 2017
an image of Ciate Mini Mani Month 2017
an image of Ciate Mini Mani Month 2017
an image of Ciate Mini Mani Month 2017
Yankee Candle Advent - Boots - £24.99 - WAS down to £12.49 - Sold out online
For the last two years I've had one chocolate advent and a Yankee Advent Calendar, last year we purchased an older one as we weren't struck on the scents. This year I wasn't sure what Yankee to go for - what scents were for me, whether to wait it out for the price to drop OR purchase an older one. However with a Ciate Advent I decided I didn't need a Yankee this year and that I'd make do with buying single candles, then Boots put their Yankee Exclusive Advent to £12.49, half price. I couldn't resist with my town actually having some in stock still. I can't wait to sit down in the evenings, with my little tea-lights going. Today the month was kicked off with Berry Trifle, one of my festive favourites. I'm looking forward to the rest of the month - especially as you get a surprise votive on Christmas Eve...which happens to be in a rather fitting scent to the day...
an image of Yankee Candle Advent Calendar Boots 2017
an image of Christmas Chocolate Shapes from Aldi and Lidl
an image of Lindor and Lindt Advent Calendar Chocolate Filler Ideas
Wooden Nutcracker - Aldi - £8 - Sold Out
I've always eyed up wooden advents, I can remember seeing them in Home Senses as a teen. Back then they weren't quite to the decor standards as they are today. Most seemed to be red, green or suitable for a child. Whilst browsing Aldi's deals online, I noticed they were getting in Wooden Advents in three designs, all retailing at £8 each. Absolutely crazy if you see how much others retail for. On an early morning, off I went with my Dad to see if we could locate the white wooden house. Whilst they didn't have the white wooden house, they did have the grey nutcracker and a gingerbread house - which is pretty damn cute. Both came home with us, costing less for the pair than one elsewhere. I've got the Nutcracker in my bedroom, filled with foil chocolate shapes and coins - all of which are Gluten and Wheat free and absolutely delicious. There's something about Christmas chocolate isn't there? I had some of the foil bears in my stocking last year and preferred them over all of my other gifted chocolates. My Mums actually got the gingerbread house, which I filled with Lindor Truffles and foil chocolate shapes - not to mention home-made quotes and jokes to brighten her December mornings. We haven't left my Dad out either - he's got a Hessian Next Advent which we picked up in the sale last Christmas. Inside his (which actually includes Christmas Day) I've placed Lindor and Lindt chocolates and festive jokes. It's been great having a Lindt shop so close to home - we've discovered a lot of special flavours you can't buy in regular shops.
an image of Aldi Wooden Nutcracker Advent Calendar 2017
an image of Aldi Bracelet Advent Calendar 2017
Bracelet Advent Calendar - Aldi -£9 - Sold Out
Something different for both myself and my Mum this year were Bracelet Advents. Already in Aldi I noticed they had an advent calendar available in silver and gold, which allows you to build a festive charm bracelet throughout the month. Now we do love a bit of novelty - my Dad always buys us something festive jewellery wise as an early Xmas Gift. We already had our gift however he grabbed one of each colour for us to try out. We'll see how it goes - I think it'll be fun to see the charms gradually build up and it's something to keep year after year, so long as it doesn't break.
an image of Cadbury Dairy Milk and Milky Bar Advent Calendars 2017
Cadbury Advent Calendar - Large - £4 (£3 Asda) & Milky bar Advent Calendar - £1-£2
Despite having my fair share of advents already, you can't countdown to Christmas without a little chocolate each morning. I'm quite particular when it comes to my chocolate advents - whilst I should aim for a calendar that is not only Gluten Free but Dairy Free I can't seem to find one that fulfils my preferences. I like my chocolate to be Christmas shaped, even at 23. I also like there to be something on the door of the calendar AND behind the chocolate. There's something not right about a white space staring back at you. Out of the three Cadbury Advents available in the UK this year, I went with the one I enjoyed last year - the larger, landscape calendar which features the vanilla filled chocolate shapes and solid dairy milk shapes. Sadly, Cadbury only print behind the chocolate in this one though the truffle centres and larger shapes make up for this. A little dairy chocolate a day is manageable - and obviously the most important thing is that it's free from gluten & wheat. We also have a Milky Bar Calendar this year - I don't normally have this many but I really craved Milky Bar and there were £1 Advent Offers at the time.

How are you counting down to Christmas 2017? Do you still buy Advents? Do you have family buy them for you? What is your ultimate Advent Calendar? Mine really would be the Giant Hotel Chocolat Advent they created this year....maybe next year I'll purchase it for the entire household to share. Lucy xx
Disclaimer: All own purchases or gifted by family - this post contains ZERO PR SAMPLES and no affiliate links.

Lush Christmas Haul 2017 // Lucyy Writes

It wouldn't be right to return back to my little space on the Internet without a festive Lush Haul. This year I was a little late getting my Christmas fix of treats from the mothership. Thanks to minor surgery giving me a few weeks of nasty side effects - more on that soon, I kept on having to cancel plans to view the collection in-store rather than online. There was a time I'd happily order a selection of new additions online, on launch day. This year however I wanted to get to smell them in person before I made a commitment to buying some new treats to reward myself. Hopefully there's still plenty of Lush fanatics around despite my long absent from writing regular posts - again I've really struggled this year when it comes to sitting down and putting words to....shall we say keyboard, not to mention being so critical on my photography - 2018 goal will be to FINALLY update my camera to a fancy Canon at long last. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the 2017 Lush Christmas Collection - have you picked up any of the products I've featured? 
an image of Lush Christmas Haul and Gift Set 2017
an image of Lush Christmas Haul and Gift Set 2017
As usual, my Lush trips seem to always occur when I head to the next town over with my friend for a Nando's Lunch. The two places are next door to each other - lethal when you're both partial to chicken AND your friend has slowly, been getting into Lush a whole lot more than when we used to do our old Nando and Lush dates back in our teens. First up to hit the basket was one of this years new additions - I knew before even smelling this little guy that I'd be buying him and putting him on my Christmas List this year, having also been suffering with some seriously bad dry skin/eczema flare ups. The Snowman Bubbleroon £4.25, is actually classed as a Bubbleroon, after Lush discontinuing a couple of their regulars earlier this year. If you aren't quite as familiar as I am to Lush and their bubble bar/bubbleroons, you'll find the bubbleroons to be much softer, creamier and moisturising than a regular bubble bar, though the pair are both used in the same way - crumble under running water, give it a good swish and you've got yourself a mountain of bubbles to relax in. The Snowman is full of Sicilian Lemon Oil, Lemon Myrtle Oil to whisk you away to a summers day, instead of the frightfully chilly mornings as we have today, along with plenty of cocoa butter, shea butter and soya milk powder (vegans will be pleased to see Lush continuing to now use Soya Milk Powder, compared to regular dairy) to hydrate your skin, leaving it feeling smooth and nourished. Whilst I'm yet to use the little guy, he's sitting there eagerly awaiting me to crumble him or his accomplice - I made sure to pick two on this trip, one taking pride of place in what I'd say is Lush's best Gift Set for Christmas 2017. Sadly I managed to pick up The Snowman missing an eye - alas it just adds to his character - the second, sat in my gift set had his little nose broken off though perfectly fixable. You can bet after a chilly weekend and plenty of Christmas shopping next week I'll be breaking into my festive treats and reporting back on these little guys very soon.
an image of Lush The Snowman Bubbleroon 2017
an image of Lush Snow Fairy Jelly Bath Bomb 2017
The next item to hit my wicker basket was another new addition to this years collection, taking form as a Lush Jelly Bath Bomb - if you've not heard, Lush created Jelly Bath Bombs earlier this year - a little spin on their regular bath bombs and one I'm looking forward to using once I can stop myself from smelling the bath bomb every time I pass my Lush Stash. Having loved the sweet, candy scent of Snow Fairy for years - we're talking a good decade here - I couldn't resist combining the chance of purchasing the new format of bath bomb with the incredible scent we stock up on year after year. Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb £4.95, retails for a lot more than when I first started to shop in Lush all those years ago - who remembers when bath bombs didn't exceed £2.95? However with the new formula behind it I couldn't help but grab one once the strong,  bubblegum scent hit me. You'll either love Snow Fairy, or find it too sickly! Jelly Bath Bombs are used in the same way as regular, run a warm bath before chucking in your bath bomb & watching the star performance right in front of you - this time with rich, nourishing waters. If you don't fancy the candy shop scent of Snow Fairy, there are a few other Jelly Bombs to unwind with.
an image of Lush Buche De Noel Fresh Cleanser 2017
Before we get to sharing the gift set of 2017 that I'm smittened with, I still have a few products to share - I actually went into Lush twice. The first time before Nandos, the next after demolishing an Extra Hot Half Chicken, Mash & Fries. What can I say? Shopping is hard work guys. Year after year Lush thankfully bring back Buche de Noel, a cleanser that you mix with water in the palm of your hand before applying - cleansing away all the impurities of the day. If you've used Angels on Bare Skin you'll love Buche de Noel £7.50, the Christmas version of this cleanser & one that smells far nicer. I don't think I've actually reviewed the cleanser on LW - only when I guest posted years ago - so prepare for my introduction & review of my holy grail winter cleanser soon. If Lush ever stop whipping up batches of this I'll be heart broken - Let The Good Times Roll (which is actually a permanent member to the Lush skincare range, was originally Christmas) is great too, easier to mix and smells incredible but you can't beat the delicious scent of almonds and cranberries & nourishing benefits packed into this winter essential.
an image of Lush Snow Fairy Naked Shower Gel 2017
an image of Lush Snow Fairy Naked Shower Gel 2017
Heading back to the sweet scents, Lush this year have caused a little bit of controversy with their Shower Gels for Christmas 2017. Accompanying the bottled Shower Gels for Christmas 2017, Lush have whipped up Naked - yeah, you heard it Naked Shower Gels. I know what you're thinking, surely we already have solid soaps!? They've also decided to drop 100g bottles, along with 1kg bottles. 100g bottles are returning in the new year, once there's more shelf space however I'm kinda annoyed by the fact I always purchase their new shower gels in 100g form to sample before splurging on my favourite scents. After sampling the new fragrances, it turned out I'm not overly won over by the new additions this year and opted to grab a Naked Shower Gel in Snow Fairy. This actually spurred the second trip in after my Mum requested me to pick her one up. If you're thinking of giving the Solid Shower Gels a miss, I'd advise you to give them a chance - she's actually a huge fan of the new form and I have to admit - I can't wait to share our thoughts because they do differ to the regular soap form I tend to avoid and Snow Fairy Naked Shower Gel £8.25 seems excellent value for money.
an image of Lush Baked Alaska Soap 2017
an image of Lush Shooting Stars Soap 2017
an image of Lush Shooting Stars Soap 2017
Another two items I picked up on my second trip into Lush were soap, but both to be put back for Christmas gifts or as little pick me ups along the way. Whilst my Dad isn't into the bath bombs and bubbles bars that you first associate with Lush, he does adore their soap. Earlier on in the week he'd ran out and was hoping I had some in for him. Luckily I had some leftover Reindeer Rock Soap laying around and could send him off to work with that....I swear he thinks I have a never ending cupboard. The first bar I picked up was Baked Alaska Soap £4.50 per 120g - a firm favourite of his and one I buy every Christmas it returns, to fill up his little stocking. Baked Alaska is a very citrusy soap, full of lemon myrtle oil, grapefruit and ylang ylang. Each slice is cut from a giant 'snow' covered bauble, with multiple colours running through it - making it exciting to see how much/what colour you end up with if Lush already have some pre-cut and wrapped in-store. Having purchased this over the years I can say this soap lathers up incredibly well - hence being such a firm favourite of his. The other bar of soap picked up for my Dad was Shooting Stars £4.95 per 120g - this one actually won me around too. Not being a bar of soap user I actually kinda want this slice for myself to use in the shower. Both myself and my friend left with chunks of this soap. It's such a pretty soap - just like Baked Alaska - with stars embossed into the design, bright colours and sparkle. What more could you want? Again, this soap is very citrusy with lemon and bergamot oils heavily featured.
an image of Lush Christmas Haul 2017 and gift sets
Now for my favourite part of the haul - the gift set that has won our entire household over with it's beautiful tin design and even more so beautifully smelling contents. As always I wanted to concentrate on new bath products from Lush - so long as they smelt delightful. Turns out Season's Greetings £32.50 actually contained everything I wanted to try from this years collection - including another The Snowman Bubbleroon & whilst you always pays a premium to have such beautifully wrapped gifts I decided having a tin was most definitely worth paying that bit more than having purchased the items individually or having a paper wrapped gift - plus the after surgery excuse was used - many times lately. I've also got a Gingerbread House tin from 2010, that comes out year after year and the memories come flooding back. When Lush create gift tins - they certainly make them well and Season's Greetings has got to be the best I've ever seen. The amount of time and thought into the design, you continually spot more detail each and every time you look at it.
an image of Lush Seasons Greetings Gift Set 2017
Now for the important bit - the contents which I want to go into more detail in a separate post, however the gift set houses three bath bombs and three bubble bars. All of which I haven't used as they're completely new to this years collection. First up we have Thundersnow Bath Bomb £4.50 - one of the larger bath bombs Lush sell, bright green & blue and carries a lovely Peppermint fragrance that I hope once away from the other products will be very similar to an old favourite Haagen Bath Ballistic or it's past Christmas form Christmas Angel. Christmas Sweater Bath Bomb £4.50, again is another larger bath bomb featuring two white reindeers on it's pink outer shell. You won't be able to resist the adorable design, let alone the Lemon, Clove, Ginger and Mustard fragrance - it may not be Cinders but it's a close one. The last bath bomb to appear in the gift set is Sherbet Dip Bath Bomb £3.75, a bright yellow bomb which as you've guessed smells like lemon sherbet. Moving away from bath bombs, the three bubble bars/bubbleroons featured are, The Snowman Bubbleroon - already mentioned above, along with Man in the Moon Bubble Bar £5.95 which carries a lime and neroli fragrance. This bubble bar is much larger than most on sale this Christmas, you'll get your moneys worth with this one. Lastly, My Two Front Teeth Bubble Bar £3.95 - a bubble bar I didn't expect to like fragrance wise however I was pleasantly surprised in-store and can't wait to use this one. Despite being smaller than Man in the Moon, it's still a decent size and will provide enough for 2-3 baths. With Lavender, Tonka and Vanilla this is just the scent for a long, relaxing soak after a manic day Christmas Shopping or wrapping presents.
an image of Lush Christmas Haul and gift set 2017
an image of Lush Cupcake Fresh Face Mask
Lastly, leaving Christmas behind, I finally remembered to de-clutter my bedroom and return five black pots to Lush in exchange for a Fresh Face Mask. Having had the majority of face masks from Lush over the years I hoped that the new Jelly Face Masks might have been included in the free return however they aren't. With plenty of choice still I decided to go back to one of the first products I ever purchased from Lush - Cupcake Fresh Face Mask £7.50. I first picked this up on my 13th Birthday, I'd gone in with friends to get a few treats to the store I was fairly new to still. Now whilst at 23 I wouldn't say I'm 'spot prone' and I'm definitely not a teenager anymore, however with my recent surgery I had a few spots pop back up - also not knowing how my skin will react as my new contraceptive method settles in I thought a little dose of nostalgia wouldn't go a miss. Whilst it's mainly aimed at oily skin, this mask is still packed with cocoa butter and essential oils.

Have you managed to pop to Lush yet? I'd love to hear what you've picked up, used or what you'd like reviewed first on LW? Don't forget to check out past Lush Christmas Posts here on LW for reviews & dupes of items that may and may not have appeared this year. Lucy xx 
Disclaimer: All items purchased with my own money, no affiliate links.

Peanut Butter + Marshmallow Blondies // Candice Brown - Comfort

Each time I seem to vanish from blogging, I return with a baking post - I've been baking SO much recently that I've got a lot of recipes to share with you guys - if you've been following me on Instagram you'll have spotted many of these tasty treats on my stories over the last few months already. I'll explain my absence in detail soon, things definitely haven't been rosy. As my first full post (lets face it a wish-list does not count as a true blog post) I thought I'd share the most incredible Blondie recipe I've ever attempted, though I can't take credit for the wonderful recipe as it comes from GBBO 2016 Winner - Candice Brown's NEW book Comfort, which I received back in July when I turned the grand old age of....23. I'd been dropping hints ever since I noticed the release would be near to my birthday. I absolutely adore Candice & rooted for her from the start of the series, I too grew up baking with my dear Grandma & Mum, I learnt so much from my Dad's Mum. I'm sure there'll be plenty more of Candice's recipes appearing on LW (so long as folk are still willing to read LW Post's, I feel so out of the loop from my little hobby, so much has changed!)
an image of peanut butter and marshmallow blondie recipe
an image of peanut butter and marshmallow blondie recipe
To make these incredibly moreish Peanut Butter & Marshmallow Blondies you will need the following ingredients: 
175g Unsalted Butter, melted (I actually used a mixture of unsalted & stork, don't judge me, we were running low)
300g Light Soft Brown Sugar
200g Crunchy Peanut Butter
2 Large Eggs
1 tsp Vanilla Bean Paste (I used regular vanilla extract)
200g Plain Flour (I used my usual Doves Farm Gluten Free Flour)
1 tsp Baking Powder
Pinch of Salt
150g Dark Chocolate - cut into rough chunks
200g Pink & White Marshmallows (I think I'd use a few more next time)
an image of peanut butter and marshmallow blondie recipe
Now for the recipe:
Pre-heat your oven (180C, 350F, Gas Mark 4 OR like me, 160C Fan) & line a square baking tray (20cm) with greaseproof paper. My regular tin for brownies/blondies is rectangular & these brownies cooked just fine. Make use of what you have. I sometimes use an individual square, traybake tin from Lakeland - however I'm forever overcooking blondies in there.

Enough waffling, firstly - Mix together the melted butter & brown sugar until the sugar has dissolved. Then add the peanut butter and mix until combined. Beat the eggs into the mix, along with your vanilla. Then comes the flour, baking powder and salt - sift this into your bowl and fold until combined. Stir through your broken chocolate chunks, if you don't like dark chocolate (my absolute favourite chocolate) use whatever chocolate you prefer. I also think these blondies would be delicious with any other chocolate spread so long as it doesn't alter the consistency too much. I'm sure I'll report back to you guys with this. I'm tempted to try Bounty Spread. I love my coconut OR perhaps Malteaser Spread and Malteasers.

All that's left to do is to pour your mixture into your lined tin & place the marshmallows on top of the mix. I'd recommend using the large marshmallows as small marshmallows would most likely burn. Next time I'd use a few extra marshmallows - I imagine it's simply because of my tin size....and lets face it you can never have too much marshmallow - especially when the weather is as poor as it is recently.

Bake in the oven for 50-60 minutes, I took mine out after 60 - I think this was just about right - maybe a little sooner next time. You want the marshmallow to toast golden brown, which will be very sticky when first out - you need to leave these to cool before cutting as the marshmallow will stick to the knife making it almost impossible....note I say these would totally be even more heavenly in all their molten marshmallow and gooey, buttery goodness. Once cooled - remove from tin using paper and cut into squares - aim for around 12 if using a square tin - I ended up with a couple more & larger chunks to send off to my Dad's work.
an image of peanut butter and marshmallow blondie recipe
an image of peanut butter and marshmallow blondie recipe
I honestly couldn't wish for a more perfect blondie recipe, blondies have never been my strong point - I make some heavenly brownies - where as I always tend to over cook a blondie. With the weather being so wet & miserable there's nothing more comforting than a chunk of peanut butter & marshmallow heaven. I'd love to hear if you guys are tempted to make them OR if you've also picked up Candice's book - it's so, so pretty and packed with incredible recipes - Candice has even had me making my own pastry!? Lucy xx

My Birthday Wishlist // 2017

With my Birthday just days away (tomorrow by the time I've actually hit publish), I thought I'd pop back online with a birthday themed wish-list. I've been pretty quiet on all things LW again - life just seems to be throwing everything at us all again, I don't think we're destined to have a regular summer. Leaving all the drama to one side, here are some of the latest items to have caught my know just in case any birthday fairies are lurking around for ideas still....

an image of my 2017 birthday wishlist
an image of 2017 birthday wishlist
 Items Featured:
1. Nip + Fab - Makeup Contour Palette in Light - Link - £15
2. YSL - Black Opium EDP 90ml - Link - £91
3. Michael Kors Selma Black Medium Bag - Link - £315
4. Hotel Chocolat - Salted Caramel Chocolate Puddles - Link - £5.50
5. Marble Phone Case - Amazon - endless marble designs
6. Underwear Refresh - Featured - Ann Summers
7. Origins - Modern Friction Cleansing Oil with Radiance Boosting White & Purple Rice - Link - £25
8. Stila - Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow - Rose Gold Retro - Link - £23
9. Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette - Link - £39.50
10. Yet more Ann Summer Underwear Picks
11. Nails Inc - Sparkle Like A Unicorn Nail Polish Duo Kit - Link - £15
12. Real Techniques - MultiTech Extra Extra Large Point Makeup Brush  - Link - £13.49
13. Kate Spade Organiser/Diary 2018 - Link - £31.95
14. Yet more Underwear
15. Real Techniques - Miracle Cleansing Sponge - Link - £5.99
16. Ray Ban Aviators in Matte Gold/Purple - £188 - Local Store - £94
17. Lush - Hello Gorgeous Gift Set - Link - £23.95
18. Calvin Klein - Modern Cotton Grey Bralette & Thong - Link - £28/£17
19. Kate Spade - Eat Cake For Breakfast Tumbler - Link - £15.95

What's on your current wish-list? + What would you guys like to see back on LW? I'm determined to get back to a regular schedule no matter how crazy life seems to be. Lucy xx
Disclaimer: contains no sponsored or affiliated links

Stylish Stationery with Kate Spade & Rooi

an image of Kate Spade Stationery reviewed
Yes, you aren't seeing things. I've actually written a blog post at long last. Today's blog post is all about stationery, something I'm guilty of owning far too much. It's good to be organised though, right? You can never have too many notebooks + notepads when they're as pretty as the selection Rooi kindly sent over featuring blogger favourite Kate Spade. If you haven't heard of Rooi, they're basically home to some of the best, cotton bed linens, home interior brands and luxurious fabrics & stationery. In recent years Kate Spade has become a little easier for those of us in the UK to access however Rooi, have some of the best/biggest selection apart from going to Kate Spade directly. Since being introduced to Rooi my wish-list has grown extensively - Heck I even want the Kate Spade Umbrellas.
an image of Kate Spade Stationery with RooiKate Spade Birch Way Spiral Notebook* // £11.95 // HERE
The first item I unwrapped from Rooi was this Birch Way Spiral Notebook. With the beautiful owl design you can bet Kate Spade stationery keeps you looking stylish whilst you go about organising your day - I'm yet to come across a pattern I don't love. The notebook itself has an incredibly sturdy cover, with the spiral hidden inside & not to forget the rounded edges. The harder cover makes it easy to write without having a table/desk top to rest on as well as the paper being some of the thickest I've seen in a notebook. The 112 sheets will be sure to last a while, with this being the notebook I've chosen to write down anything that needs to be noted to my doctor.
an image of Kate Spade Leaves Notepad
Kate Spade Travel Bag Bits & Baubles* // £11.95 // HERE
I absolutely love this next item Rooi kindly sent over. Kate Spade actually have various canvas bags ranging from shoes, to every day essentials just like this travel size bag. If you're anything like myself then your handbag is home to all sorts. Over the years I've since made myself keep it organised, little bags like the Bits & Baubles design are perfect for makeup, phone, jewellery, iPhone cables - when charging on the go & even our sanitary products - nothing worse than having a tampon fly out your bag. If you're off on holiday, this is one product that will come in handy.
Kate Spade Stationery Review
Kate Spade Leaves Notepad* // £8.95 // HERE
The last of the three items, is the stunning Leaves Notepad - this notepad features both lined and plain sheets that are easily torn out. This notepad is perfect for making to-do lists OR writing your latest shopping list...or perhaps the perfect instagram flat-lay piece!? The paper quality again, is superb - something that makes it worth while spending a little more when you know your pens won't bleed through the paper & I like having the option of both plain and lined - we all need a little plain paper for doodling at times. With 125 sheets, Kate Spade have you covered for months.

How do you stay organised? Do you prefer to write down your appointments or are you all for tech? If you're anything like myself then you'll be in favour of the Kate Spade Stationery Range - made easily accessible by Rooi for those of us in the UK. Lucy xx
Disclaimer: Items sent for review purposes only, unsponsored & no affiliated links

The Ultimate Triple Chocolate Cookie // Lucyy Writes

an image of The Ultimate Triple Chocolate Cookie
It's been a while hasn't it!? As my first post in quite some time I decided to share the cookies that caused quite the storm on my Instagram recently. Back in December I actually made them for the first time, along with many recipes - I always go a little crazy Christmas week and split the goodies across family friends. After seeing so many people rave about the Tanya Burr Cookie Recipe (linked below) I decided to have a go myself to see what the fuss was about - switching up the chocolate bars to my personal favourites and boy were they good. Needing a little chocolate fix - with my consistent period drama/issues there's nothing better than a fresh soft, chocolate cookie full of gooey chocolate - especially when it contains milk - with added smarties, white and dark. These really are the best cookies I've made to date.
an image of The Ultimate Triple Chocolate Cookie
an image of The Ultimate Triple Chocolate Cookie
Recipe for The Ultimate Triple Chocolate Cookies:
200g Butter
300g Caster Sugar
1 Large Egg
275g Self Raising Flour
75g Cocoa Powder
A Splash of Milk (depending on how wet/dry your mixture turns out)
1 Large Bar of White Aero (white bubbles, milk chocolate outer)
1 Large Bar of Smarties Chocolate (seriously good!)
1 100g Bar of Dark Chocolate

Step One:
Set your oven to 180C & prepare 2-3 baking trays with baking parchment.
Step Two:
Next, Cream together your butter and sugar before adding in your egg.
Step Three:
Stir in all your dry ingredients, add the splash of milk if your mixture is looking dry.
Step Four:
Break up all your chocolate and add to the mix, either mix with your hands OR if you prefer to not get so messy a spoon is completely fine.
Step Five: 
Then depending on how big you want your cookies, break off balls of dough and place on your trays. I followed Tanya's suggestion and made around 10 the first time, 12 the next. If doing this you'll find 11-12 minutes in the oven gives you the perfect cookie.

They may not look cooked but within 30 minutes of cooling you'll have the best, soft cookies full to the brim of chocolate. What would you guys like to see on LW? - that's if commenting is still a thing!? :P Lucy x
© Lucyy Writes

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